Food for the People ~ Locals supporting locals

A message from Greg Churcher, founder of Food for the People est. 2010:

It's my honour to bring you Food for the People. We support local businesses with a selection of our street food menu with recipes, as well as other essential items, delivered for your fridge and pantry.

When you purchase our food, you help stimulate the local economy by providing the many people and organisations that are connected to Food For The People with income, purpose, and happiness.

When sourcing new items and developing menus, I get as close as I can to the ecosystems, growers and producers to learn about their offerings, values, and challenges. I prefer small, independent suppliers, as we face similar challenges. We can better help each other through these turbulent times.

I care about your needs too, and welcome your contact, suggestions, and ideas, so please get in touch with me anytime.

I ask that you please use the service, and share the founding idea of keeping it local with your family and friends via the link to the page you're reading www.foodforthepeople.co.nz

If you're an independent supplier of locally produced quality food or drink and would like to talk about getting on board, please contact me at hello@fftp.co.nz

Together we're making change for the better!

Greg Churcher
Food For The People
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