Shipping and Packaging

Your food is delivered from our kitchen to your door by a Food for the People staff member, (in the early days, this was usually Greg). This means that the personal care you receive from us travels all the way with your food, to your door.

We're doing a bit more to help keep your dollar working locally too. This means working with as many local people like food producers as we grow to help support the wider local economy.

  • Your food is delivered contactless to your door
  • Your food is delivered by a Food for the People person that is trained in personal hygiene and in the proper care of your food
  • We support local independent service providers where we can.

Shipping days and areas,

Wellington - Wednesdays and Thursdays, to postcodes, 6022, 6023, 6021, 6011, 6012, 6035, 6037.

Hutt - Sorry, we are not currently servicing the Hutt regions.

Porirua - Wednesdays and Thursdays to postcodes 5028, 5016, 5024, 5022, 5026, 5381.

Kāpiti - Wednesdays and Thursdays to postcodes 5034, 5032, 5036, 5391.

We don't always deliver orders on the next available day, but we will contact you with an expected shipping day after we receive your order. If you have any questions, you can email us anytime at


We have questioned the use of open loop packaging that many food delivery businesses use to ship their products to you. Plastics and other cooling media state that they are recyclable, but these are often turned into items of lesser value, and not actually recycled into the same objects again. This means that there is still demand for new materials to be created, and this does not solve the waste issue we face.

We at Food for the People use paper and glass where we can. We urge you to leave these out for pickup on your next delivery, so we can recycle the paper and sanitise the jars for reuse.

  • We pack your food in glass and paper where we can
  • We ship food goods under strict temperature controlled and monitored conditions
  • We minimise wasteful packaging associated with food delivery services
  • We quarantine and recycle the jars, paper, and egg cartons.

You can add your delivery instructions to your order or email us anytime at