COVID-19 Level 4 and level 3 operations ~ see you later old business as usual, say hello to the new era!

COVID-19 Level 4 and level 3 operations ~ see you later old business as usual, say hello to the new era!

Greg ChurcherMay 14, '20
Early on in the level 4 lockdown, business as usual for us was fast becoming a dream of the past. To survive, we knew we had to change the service, and we needed to change it fast.

The new service involved delivering cook at home meals along with some grocery items, and a focus on supporting local independent businesses where we could. We promptly resurfaced as an essential services provider during level 4 and went on to carry out hundreds of deliveries during level 4 and level 3 to the Wellington, Hutt and Kapiti regions. We wanted the people to take the food truck home and cook their own.

This early change, combined with a positive response from you and other customers, allowed us to continue to feed the people. We are not out of the woods yet but with your continued support, we might just survive these unusual times. We aim to continue providing what you have come to love in Food for the People!

Future ~ here’s a plan

As far as cooking on the streets goes, we have no firm plans for a return. That’s a scary yet motivating thought for us. At this time, we are unaware of plans from the city to re-open the Sunday market or to allow us to open on the waterfront. We don’t know what restrictions will be in place or when these restrictions will be lifted. Due to the changing conditions, the lack of certainty, and possible future restrictions, we cannot commit to a plan for a street level opening.

Deliveries are a different story and we are committed to feeding you. We would appreciate your support to keep us going until we can open on the streets again.

Projects we are actively working on:

  • Continuing to add more local and NZ sourced items like baked goods, fruit, vegetables, and seafood.
  • New easy and fun meal packs, with recipes written and presented by Greg for home cooking.
  • Deliveries performed by us to support
    • a local and independent delivery network,
    • and a reduction in open loop packaging (refusing to use un-reusable cooling products and containers).
    • ability to temperature control and monitor, fresh, refrigerated and frozen goods
  • Continued use and development of thoughtful packaging like glass jars, paper, string, and card. Then volunteering to collect these from you, so that we can sanitise, reuse and recycle items where we can
  • Cooked bacon and egg butties delivered to your door.

I ask that you please use our service if you can, let us deliver food to you, and find the items we have that you value and purchase from us. Please also share the founding idea of keeping it local with your family and friends.

Open shop

When sourcing new items and developing menus, I like to get as close as I can to the ecosystems, growers, and producers to learn about their offerings, values, and challenges. I prefer small, independent suppliers, and those that think alike as we face similar challenges. We can better help each other through these turbulent times.

I care about your needs too, and welcome your contact, suggestions, and ideas, so please get in touch with me anytime at

Greg Churcher
Food For The People