Level 1~ Back to the streets

Greg ChurcherSep 23, '20

From today, we will be closing our delivery service, with the possibility of restarting deliveries if we find ourselves in lockdown again. However, you can still buy some items from our website, for pick up from the caravan on the weekend. We'll be cooking classic kiwi street food in our...

Back to the future

Greg ChurcherAug 14, '20

Hello! Looks like we're here again. And to be honest, we expected this to happen, which is why we've kept the online store ready and available. We've made some updates in the last couple of days, and some of the highlights are: Rangitikei free range chickens, size 16, from $55...

COVID-19 Level 4 and level 3 operations ~ see you later old business as usual, say hello to the new era!

Greg ChurcherMay 14, '20

Early on in the level 4 lockdown, business as usual for us was fast becoming a dream of the past. To survive, we knew we had to change the service, and we needed to change it fast. The new service involved delivering cook at home meals along with some grocery...